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Harbour 6mo-3.jpg

Finding Safe Harbour 

CKC, Liver & Tan, Mega Coat, Hazel Eyes, 9lbs

Harbour is another Dolce/Brees baby. I just could not help myself . . . she is a Fendi mini-me; and those that know me well, know how much I love my Dolce-line babies. I had to have backup considering Fendi is a diva and has decided she does not want to be a mommy, but I hope Harbour will be the one to carry on the Dolce line.

Harbour is now 2 years old and was recently in heat. I did not witness a breeding, but Atlas was left with her on several "private" occasions in case she was being shy and we will confirm in mid-October. Either way, she is an adorable, sweet, spunky, toy-size, gorgeous girl who has my heart, regardless. Fingers crossed for future pairings.

Harbour's Embark genetic health and breed identification results were not ordered because I have her mother, father, and both sisters' results. If you would like to see, I can share those with you.

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