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Eclipse 6wks.JPG

 Eclipse Lunaire du Soleil

CKC, Black & Red Merle, Mega coat, 12 lbs

Eclipse is a new outside line addition who joined the pack in mid November. She is a stunning black and red Merle with one blue eye. Eclipse has a relaxed, confident demeanor. At first she was not sure about the pack. The teenagers can get wild during playtime. They run like banshees back and forth at full speed tackling the monkey in the middle. It can get chaotic, but Eclipse learned to stay close to the older pack members, or myself, during their bouts of crazy fun. She quickly adapted to dk pack life and schedule. Eclipse is an absolute delight. She is not demanding, is very smart, and is taking to training well. I love her cute personality and sweet nature.


Eclipse Embark DNA and Health testing report:


Eclipse will not be bred until late 2024 or early 2025. Can't wait!

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