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whiskey 11-21-5.jpg

Whiskey on the Rocks

AKC Red Super/Mega Coat, Brown Eyes, Black Nose, 18lbs

Whiskey is a gorgeous apricot color with intermediate intensity. Her original name was Asti (Spumante after the champagne) but was changed. Her coloring is getting more intense and has developed into a more Whiskey on the Rocks. Whiskey is a spunky, boisterous, energetic tomboy who loves to get rough and tough with Cannoli and Berlin. I call them the three stooges. The beauty of raising puppies of various ages into a pack environment is they fall into line following the older ones lead and basically raise themselves. Whiskey is a bull in a china shop with little, to no concern, of her size. She is a big girl but a complete sweetheart. Whiskey will be bred again in early 2024 if you are interested in a red baby.


Whiskey's Embark DNA and Health Testing Report:

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