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dk Schnauzers has an In-home Whelping Room

  • Puppies enter a sensitive period at about 3 weeks, and it lasts until they’re about 14 weeks old; during this period, the socialization they experience shapes their adult personality and behavior

  • A study of 264 purebred puppies in Poland suggests that being reared indoors with continued access to family members and socialization opportunities sets puppies up for success as adult family dogs

  • Puppies reared in outdoor kennels with very limited human interaction are likely to show more submissive behaviors, fear-based aggression, and less capacity to cope with novel situations

  • When searching for a purebred puppy, it’s important to work only with a very reputable, preferably local breeder

  • Socialization should start very early in puppyhood and continue throughout a dog’s life

A Critical Consideration When Evaluating Breeders, Analysis by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker


Updated Nursery and Pack room photos coming soon!

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