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dk Schnauzer Testimonials

Finding a good breeder often takes longer than finding a puppy. Our family looks at the qualifications of the breeder before we ever look at the dog. A successful breeder studies, watches, breeds responsibly, and continues to learn. dk Schnauzers, breeder, Heather Picou, is one of the best.


We contacted dk Schnauzers regarding a puppy but later decided a “retiree” would be better due to family medical issues. How “lucky” could we be — Heather said she was retiring our sweet, Brûlée. We waited patiently as Brûlée had her last litter — received her final vet visit — and was given the “all good to go!”


Brûlée was totally socialized upon arrival. This is so important due to anxiety issues for a “retiree.” Leaving home base is difficult for dogs but we knew she was so loved by Heather as she bounced into our bed the very first night!


Brûlée has a mind of her own — and what schnauzer doesn’t! She joined our family and has made her way into our hearts. Brûlée makes us laugh every day with her fun-filled energy. She is currently being trained to become a “therapy dog.” We hope to receive certification by the beginning of the school year so she can assist students in the school reading programs. Thank you, Heather!

Doreen & Lee Fulcher, Huntsville, AL 2023

Brulee Retired1.jpg
Brulee Retired 2.jpg

I purchased my miniature schnauzer “Fenn” from DK Schnauzers of Gulf Breeze in June 2018. He is the most gorgeous baby and has the best temperament. Fenn also has an amazing personality! He is so smart and sweet. It was wonderful working with Heather she has been available for extra advice on grooming, healthy food suggestions, and so much more. I highly recommend DK Schnauzers fur babies!

Cheryl, August 2018

Fenrir-KhloeSkye Litter 2018.jpg

We are so happy and LUCKY to have chosen DK Schnauzers to get our little guy from. Heather and her family went above and beyond with the puppies. She answered every question we had and kept us updated while we waited to bring Toby home. Our little guy is healthy, has a beautiful thick coat, a perfect and playful personality.              

Maria, February 2019

Toby-KhloeSkye Litter 2018.jpg

My wife and I got our newest family member Baxter from Dk Schnauzer’s. It was a wonderful experience! From our first visit to meet our new puppy to now having had our little man for a month we have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with Heather. Baxter is a healthy, energetic perfect example of the Miniature Schnauzer breed. We could not be any happier with the entire experience and in fact are waiting to get little sister for Baxter from, of course, DK Schnauzer’s!! Highly recommended!!!

Lex, March 2019

Baxter-KhloeSkye Litter 2018.jpg

I highly recommend DK Schnauzers if you are looking for a beautiful, well socialized schnauzer baby! Heather is so helpful and is there for you every step of the way with support and any information needed. She stays in touch with you after you bring your baby home and clearly loves them all. She provides amazing care for her dogs and puppies and it shows! I got my Libby Kate from DK and she is just so smart and so much fun! Heather provided an amazing puppy care package with Libby including a personalized blanket! I could not recommend DK any higher!

Leeanne, March 2019

LibbyKate-KhloeSkye Litter 2018.jpg

DK Schnauzer gave me my baby boy Leo. Because we lived local we were able to see Leo grow from a newborn pup into a playful, happy and incredibly well socialized little puppy. Heather answers every single one of our questions and was there for us every step of the way. Leo is a gorgeous puppy but his personality is what we love most. It is clear that Heather loves her puppies dearly and makes sure each and everyone of them receives the love and attention they need to thrive . Because of her hard work and dedication to giving Leo the best possible head start, he has had no issue in potty training and dog training and is such a little snuggle bug who loves to be around us. We are so blessed to have found DK Schnauzer when we were ready to become fur parents again! Thank you Heather!  

Gemma Marie, April 2019

Leo-ClaireSkye Litter 2019.jpg

Meet Ziggy and Zoe I was beyond thankful to find such an amazing breeder! After the loss of my sweet Bella and Bailey at almost 16 years I found Heather. Her dogs are beautiful ....I am so grateful to have a brother and sister with the greatest dispositions and looks.

Cathy, 2019

Ziggy-ClaireSkye Litter 2019.jpg
Zoe-ClaireSkye Litter 2019.jpg

Bought our toy Sookie from them and she is the best!!

Jeremy, 2019

DK Schnauzers LLC gave us our sweet and spunky little girl Molly!! The whole process from start to finish was excellent. While waiting for Molly to actually get to come home with us they kept us up to date on how she was doing and even sent pictures regularly. After having Molly for a few days I had a few questions and DK Schnauzers were more than happy to help! I would highly recommend them if you are looking to add a Schnauzer to your family. These puppies come from a very sweet loving family. We are seriously considering getting another pup for our sweet Molly.

Janelle, October 2020

Heather is a wonderful breeder who truly loves her fur babies. You can tell she does this for the love of the breed. All her dogs are happy and healthy and live in the home with her. I have the most beautiful salt and pepper male and will be adding another boy to the family soon.

Update: I got a second puppy from Heather, so I now have Smokey and Bandit. Bandit is a gorgeous black and silver male and everyone comments on how beautiful and soft his coat is. They are now 6 and 10 months old and both puppies are healthy and happy and such sweet and loving dogs.

Demelza, January 2021

When we began to look for our new baby we got scammed and was so upset that we lost out on a lot of $$$$. Everyone needs to be very careful when looking.

***We are very lucky we found DK Schnauzer***our whole experience was absolutely wonderful. They kept us up to date on our baby each week til the delivery. We just love and adore our Lexi. She is so beautiful, playful and loves to try to talk to us. Her color and markings are spot on. If your looking for a Schnauzer DK Schnauzer is an A+ for sure. No complaint at all.

Thank you DK Schnauzer for everything. Could not ask for a better place to get your next pup. We will continue to keep you updated as she grows.

Evelyn, July 2021

My husband and I have gotten 2 puppies now from DK Schnauzers, and both experiences have been so amazing! Heather goes above and beyond for her puppies and families, and is extremely knowledgeable about the breed. The hard work and love that Heather pours into the DK fur babies is so evident- DK schnauzers are so smart and they have the best temperaments! After I got my first mini schnauzer from DK, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this was where I’d be getting my second puppy when we decided to add another schnauzer to our family. Both of my DK babies have been the biggest blessings to our family, and I can’t thank Heather enough!

Cecily, July 2021

DK schnauzers has been wonderful. Heather is an amazing breeder and takes very good care of her puppies. They are very socialized and pampered. We got our sweet girl from them and I couldn't be happier. She is very smart, she was already puppy pad trained when we got her and she's very sweet with my little boys. If I ever have any questions Heather is very eager to help. We are thinking about getting another dog in the future and if we do it will absolutely be with dk schnauzers. I cannot say enough about them. Also, for our family we really needed a dog that likes to travel and our girl Dumplin adapted well with it which was important! Thanks DK for everything!

Kasey, July 2021

I have always wanted another Schnauzer since my mom passed away. Dk Schnauzers help make this happen for me. Heather was amazing! She was very helpful through the entire process and answered every question that I had. She is an amazing breeder and has the most beautiful Schnauzers I have seen. She takes very good care of her pack I am so happy with my sweet little girl Coco that I already want another one and will definitely be getting one from DK Schnauzers. Heather has also been with me after getting my sweet girl. She has answered every question that I have. You couldn't ask for a more sweet, caring and amazing breeder.

Jordyn, July 2021

We got our sweet boy, Willis, from DK Schnauzers in 2022. He has been the best addition to our family. He is amazing with our other dog, and he is the best playmate to our toddler. We can’t take him anywhere without people stopping us to say we have the prettiest schnauzer ever. Not only is he stunning, but he also has the sweetest personality. I am so grateful we found DK Schnauzers. We seriously can’t go one day without talking about how much we love Willis. We definitely hope to add more DK pups to our family in the future.

Courtney, 2022

My beautiful babies are 15 months old now! They have been an absolute joy to me. They have the sweetest dispositions and love everybody and all animals. They are very social!


Dash being a male is very loving and dependent . He rings the bell to go outside when he wants out which is not necessarily just to potty. He loves to play catch with the tennis ball and all his tug toys. He is brown with a lot of white mixed in. His coat  is so rich and thick, it feels just like Sherpa. He is now 12 lbs.


Indigo…Indi is a princess/ monster! Independent should be her middle name. She knows no fear! She prefers to climb and sleep up on something. She loves to  lay in the sun on our glass porch. She is so sweet and gets a full massage every day. When my husband comes in the door she immediately abandons me for him. Her coat is like velvet. She weighs a whopping 6 lbs but has a giant personality!


My vet just saw them and he tells me what a good job the Heather did with them every time I see him. They have been very healthy and have had no problems at all. Even my groomer says she would take them home with her.

Marylou, 2022

About a year and a half ago I lost my sweet schnauzer Bentley. I was so heartbroken and then I found Heather at DKSchnauzers and she worked with me to find my wonderful Atticus.  Did not want a puppy but one that was over a year old since I am a senior and could not handle a puppy.

At first, she did not have one but after a little time she decided to retire Atticus and find him a new forever home.  It was one of the best days of my life. I went to her house where all the cutest puppies were and could see how they were all loved and so well taken care of.  We connected with Atticus and he is now a sweet, funny, playful and spoiled member of my family.   I cannot say enough how wonderful the experience with Heather was and would recommend anyone looking for a healthy well taken care of schnauzer for a family member to contact DKSchnauzers, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Heather, Atticus has changed my life.

Susan, 2022

We are so happy to have found Heather for our new pups. After a couple of months communicating and learning about the breed we knew we had made the right choice.  Heather was very supportive and gave us a great Schnauzer education. At seven months it was a “no brainer”, Hank needed a little brother. Schnauzers need to come in pairs. Now we have Grover. Don’t believe there are many who surpass Heather’s knowledge, experience and passion.  We could not be happier with our choice.
Carl and Betty, 2022

Both of my babies are dk babies and I couldn’t have had a better experience. As a first-time dog owner, I was nervous about starting out with a puppy, but Heather was wonderful to work with. She answered all my questions (and I had a lot), sent me photo and video updates of my puppy, and even checked in after I brought him home to see how we were doing. Months later when I was ready to get a second pup, I of course contacted Heather again and had an equally good experience, bringing home a little girl this time. My two fur babies are now 10 and 14 months old and both have grown up to be the happiest, most loving pups, not to mention incredibly smart and full of personality.  If you’re planning to add a mini schnauzer to your family, I highly recommend dk Schnauzers!

Tabitha, 2022

I highly recommend breeder DK Schnauzers.  I am the proud owner of one of their retired pack members.  He is the sweetest, happiest (and so handsome) dog.  He was treated royally there.  I have never seen such gorgeous, well cared for schnauzers. I admire how Heather goes above and beyond to find good homes for all her dogs - from puppies to retirees.  Well done DK Schnauzers!

Judith, 2023

On February 15, 2023, our forever puppy was born. Dk Schnauzers, Heather, was recommended to us. We went into details in what our family wanted. When our puppy was born till we picked her up at 8 weeks old, Heather had taken many photos and videos to share with us. We felt like we were there watching her grow, too.  Heather answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable about Schnauzer.

Our puppy at 8 weeks old knew her name and how to use the potty training pads. We upgraded to the puppy package and received a basket full of toys that she loves, a starter kit with her food and her own personalized blanket with her name on it. I would highly recommend DK Schnauzers. Everyone who has met our puppy falls in love with her. We will be forever grateful for Heather.

Lisa, May 2023

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