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New Puppy Owner Helpful Info


This is another section I am putting a lot of thought into and is currently under construction. There are so many questions about what a puppy needs to get started in their new home: what to feed, treats, nutrition, supplements, toxic/poisonous plants, and ear set/tail cropping, etc.  I am gathering details from multiple sources and will combine those with my own experiences and opinions. I have attached some information below, but in the meantime, please be patient or simply ask specific questions.

Puppy Checklists

I have a lot of new owners asking what they should purchase or do in preparation of their new fur baby's arrival. I decided, why reinvent the wheel where there are so many amazing resources available. I borrowed both lists below that I feel are a great representation of what every new puppy owner should know.

Puppy Checklist .jpg
Puppy-Proofing Checklist.jpg

White Beard?

Human Foods - Good and Bad

We are all guilty of wanting to spoil our fur babies at every level, including treats and/or sharing our human food.  There are many choices that are a great addition to their overall nutrition and diet, but keep in mind everything should be fed in moderation. Please research what is and what is not a good choice and make sure they have a well-balanced die since wrong choice will land you at the emergency vet. Schnauzers have sensitive stomachs so this is not an iron-clad list. Stick to the lighter ones until you know what their tummies can handle.

Can My Dog eat That.jpg
Can My Dog eat this.jpg


Dog Ice Cream Recipe.jpg

Poisonous Plants

Common Poisonous Plants to dogs.jpg

Check your house, check your yard. Puppies chew constantly. Schnauzers get into EVERYTHING. Better to be safe and prepared; than sorry :(

Sago Palm.jpg
Poisonous Plants for Dogs.jpg

Safe Human Medications

Human Meds Safe for Dogs.jpg
Bendryl Uses for Dogs.jpg
Healthy Dog Skin.jpg
Dog Diarrhea Vomiting Natural Foods.jpg

Helpful Articles

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Separation Anxiety:

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