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Pricing Structure 
 dk reserves the rights to 1st pick of ANY litter and is the final decision for home placement.

Pricing is contingent on several factors.  Size, Coat Coloring, Coat Length, and Eye Coloring.  All of my breeders are registered, however, most of my puppies are sold as PET only or LIMITED registration.  Full breeding rights are only offered on certain litters and to established approved breeders.


Pricing starts at $1500.00 (traditional miniature size, traditional coat, traditional eye color (brown). Size pricing is based on parents size and past experience with puppy weights but is not determined until the 8 week weigh-in. Sometimes the puppy is a little more and sometimes they actually end up smaller. Also, colors change with Schnauzers. Some carry a fading gene. Some do not carry the fading gene and still fade. We do our best to guide/educate.


Size and Adult color is

NEVER guaranteed


From the $1500.00, there are additions depending on what traits the puppy has:


T-Cup (3-6lbs) +$750-$1000 (size not known until after 10wks old)

Tiny Toy (7-8lbs) + $300

Large Toy/Small  Miniature (9-12lbs)+$200


Salt & Pepper, Black and Silver, Black - No Add 

All Liver based Coats (Chocolate Coloring) + $200

Cream or red variations (intensity determines price) + $500-4000


Parti (color broken with white) + $100

w/Roan (marbling/ticking) +$300

Merle Coloring + $500-$800

Blue eyes + $500


Full AKC rights adds $500-1000.00 (depends on litter and the buyer must be an established breeder. Discuss breeding rights ahead of time)

Past Puppy dk Owners get a $250 discount


The only way to absolutely guarantee a place on the wait list is by paying a deposit.  The deposit is $250 to hold a puppy. Before placing a deposit, please reach out to us. We vet every potential puppy home. The is not refundable- only transferable to another litter/future puppy only. 
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