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Forms- Deposit/Contracts

dk Deposits to hold a Puppy

Deposits may be paid directly several ways. You can pay using Venmo, Zelle, cash drop off, or a personal check mailed to the address on the deposit form. Personal checks are only permitted when there is more than enough time for the check to clear. Please no money orders. Please reach out to me before you send a deposit. I always discuss the process and interview all potential puppy owners to ensure placement/adoption is a good fit with your family. This is not just a product available to everyone. I have every right to refuse a sale- even after deposit is made. In those cases, your deposit will be returned. Otherwise, all deposits are non-refundable. You can apply the deposit to a future litter. 



Deposit Form: 

dk Venmo.png

dk Contract & Health Guarantee

At puppy pickup, you will be presented with the final contract and Health Guarantee for your puppy purchase. We offer a three year Health Guarantee for genetically inherited diseases. All of our breeding adults are DNA and Health tested through Embark. Also, our puppy sale contract is fairly straightforward with seller and purchaser information as well as expectations of puppy future care. Please look this over beforehand and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Signatures are required at pick up and you will obtain copies of both for your records. 

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