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RETIRED Pack Members

Deutschland's Klaus "DUTCH"

Anakin Skywalker das Vader "SKYE"


Dutch is the one that started this all will ALWAYS have my heart. Dutch is a sweet little man who has a  big personality. He is very curious, protective, talkative and wants to be with his family/pack all the time. He has gotten a lot more laid back over the last few months of his retirement, but still looks and plays like a puppy. He is living his best retirement life in South Florida with his mommy and daddy. Dutch thinks he is the boss of the neighborhood, and everyone agrees to let him strut his stuff and be the King.


Skye (2).jpg

Skye is known as Mr. Man around here. Skye is one of the original pack members that is now retired. He was an amazing addition to the breeding program bringing in liver coloring, a massive mega coat, and blue eyes to the mix along with his quirky, bubbly personality. nox and Epiphany to carry on his line. Skye  will remain here forever helping raise the young ones watching over the littles. We often find him sitting in the puppy bins next to the mamas. They never seem to mind. He is obessed with puppies.

dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

Fraulein Khloe "COCO" Chanel

Fraulein "Claire" Anne Berlin


Miss Claire is a force to be reckoned with and is as pretty as they come! She has enough personality for the entire bunch and was my pick of the litter the second I placed eyes on her. Her coloring and size is a Dutch mini-me, but she is a good mix of Dutch and Khloe for just about everything else. Miss Claire had several gorgeous litters, but is now retired living her best life diving in the pool, hunting, lounging, and teaching new babies their manners. She was the first dk produced baby and will remain with her daddy forever.



I am not sure if animals can be reincarnated, but there seems to be some Libby in this one. It is uncanny.  Khloe has a solid build with sturdy legs and shorter, traditional coat. We call her "the body Chanel". Coco loves to play chase with her pack, hunt for lizards, terrorize squirrels, swim in the pool, go for rides in the car, and love on daddy.  Schnauzers are family pets, but they definitely create a bond with one human. Khloe has been retired and will live out the rest of her days with her favorite human~ Daddy

dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

Princess "Adélaïde" d'Orléans

Madam Paralee's "Journey"

Adelaide 112718.jpg
dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

Beautiful Adelaide had my heart. She was one of my absolute favorites and I was certainly hers. Adelaide was my first black roan/ticked. Adelaide had one litter and became very ill. It was decided she should be retired so she could be in a quieter environment and be spoiled rotten. She went to the perfect family that adores her and takes care of this princesses every whim. I miss her dearly but she is spoiled rotten being the one and only focus.

Journey 112718.jpg
dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

The first time I saw a salt and pepper with double blue eyes, I started looking for the perfect addition to the dk pack. Not long after, we found Journey in Georgia. She was probably the most quirky Schnauzer to ever be added to the dk pack. Journey likes her privacy and loves to steal things and drag them outside throughout the day. Every evening I would have to collect Journey's daily booty to prevent the sprinklers from ruining our shoes, socks, towels, toys...just about everything and anything. Journey has been retired to live her life with her new daddy and mama along with Lyrica; A Khloe baby.

Duchessa Dolce Caramella

Lord "Atticus" Farquaad

Atticus- 6 mo-5.jpg

Atticus is so handsome. On top of that, he is one of the most obedient and smartest Schnauzers behind Dutch. He is extremely loving and cuddly as well; to humans. Atticus did everything in a BIG way. Unfortunately, this was also the case when he decided to make an attempt at being the main stud, even though Dutch, Skye, and Brees were ahead of him in that line. Atticus also had a retained testicle until he was five months old so he was retired to the perfect family in Tallahassee, FL. They recently lost their older male Schnauzer and was estatic to have Atticus join them.


Dolce is sugar and spice. This spunky, hairy package is a dk favorite. She has no fear, no shame and tells you all about it. Dolce is a tried and true professional ankle biter to all new comers, but we still love her. I kept 3 beautiful girls to carry on her line. I adore her big eyes and huge personality. Dolce is now retired and will live the rest of her life out here at dk Schnauzers with her mama- ME!



 Madam Siren Valkyrie

Prince Fenrir "Fenn" Drake

dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

Fenn is one of the original dk babies out of Dutch and Khloe. I would say he is ALL BOY through and through. He is a large (and sometimes in charge) miniature, flashy salt and pepper with standard coat. Fenn sired a few litters and was retired at 3 years old. He currently lives in Savannah, TN with his favorite human, Caidan. He also has his pack members Amera, Siren, Prada, and Ronin to keep things fun. Fenn is living the life.  

dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

Siren is another dk bred baby. She is the sweetest little girl when she’s not back talking. She is MOUTHY! When she gets what she wants, she is a lovey. Siren had one litter and was spayed due to complications. We always consider what is in the best interest for our mamas. Widow and Ronin were kept from her litter to join the dk pack to continue on the dk lines.

Prinz Dietrich Von Deutschland

Lady Creole's Crème Brûlée
Brulee 1yr.jpg

Dietrich is a faded black and silver male with a gorgeous muscular build. This stunning boy with that amazing body sure made the ladies swoon and made some gorgeous, stout babies. I kept two from he and Drama's litter (Mazikeen and Sirius).  Dietrich is an absolute sweetheart, is very smart, and obedient. Dietrich does not live with the dk pack, but loves to visit from time to time. He is just living his best retired life with his family.


Brûlée is a petite little cream lady, who thinks she is an Alpha. She is always trying to keep everyone in line. She is also big on hunting lizards and is extremely playful; however, sometimes a little too rough. Brûlée runs at top speed zipping through the house like a banshee. We had to repair many items over the years, including Drama's leg. Brûlée had several gorgeous litters. Cannoli is a ticked liver parti male off her who is now one of our favorite studs. Brûlée moved to Huntsville, AL with her new family that is also retired that loves to travel. They adore her and puts her above everything else! Perfect combination for this princess.


Katniss Everdeen's Drama

Who Dat Brees

Drama 8mo-8.jpg

 I always wanted the perfect Merle to come along and I was surely not disappointed with this Dramatic looking lady. Drama is a black and silver Merle with blue eyes and has a nice thick super coat. Drama has the looks of a diva, but is the sweetest baby we have had here at dk. Her disposition is both playful and spunky, but is very polite and laid back. She has beautiful, stout miniature size healthy puppies! She is sure missed by the dk pack. We are looking forward to her returning very soon.

Breezy 6.jpg
dk-Schnauzers-color copy.png

Brees was quite the little stud muffin. He was my go to daddy for a couple years and produced many cute, sweet, cuddly, lovey babies. 
Breezy is quite the boisterous, spunky, loud, full of himself little man who jumps like a jack rabbit, and runs with the pack with ease. He belts out long, opera worthy singing notes when he is happy and thrives on attention and kisses.  A pet owners dream. Breezy is now retired, passing the family torch over to his son, Cannoli, to carry on the line. He is now in Louisiana living with Mama Cindy (Mike's mom) enjoying life relaxing on Grandma's lap. Oh, and hanging with his Chihuahua sibling, Lily.

Padme's Journey das Skywalker


Padme is stunning. I think she is one of the prettiest salt and peppers I have ever seen and she has the most beautiful square, stout body in the entire mix. I had high hopes for Miss Padme, but she was special from the start. She is a funny, quirky girl who kicks her feet when excited and loves attention- and FOOD. Padme had one gorgeous litter and was spayed. She is living retired life with daddy lounging by the pool or watching football on the couch.

Anakin Skywalker das Vader II

Vader 7mo1.jpg

Vader is a 3rd generation dk baby out of Padme and Brees. His grandfather is Skye and Grandmother is Journey. Vader is a gorgeous black and silver small miniature with beautiful blue eyes, thick coat, and square body. Vader is all boy; So full of energy. He is the most happy-go-lucky boy I have ever had. He never gets rattled and is always looking to have fun. Vader is a big lover- he melts into you when being affectionate. Vader was bullied by my other studs, so it was decided to retire him early so he can be the center of the world. He now lives in Miami!

Dolce's Devil Wears Fendi 

Dolce's Kiwi Can Fly

Miss Fendi was bred here at dk; a Dolce Brees baby. Fendi is  has pretty mega liver coat and hazel green eyes. Her personality is the best part and honestly beats all in the dk pack when it comes to this. Fendi inherited Dolce's adorable, spunky cuteness as well as her careless flair for fun. She has an opinion about everything and sings and has discussions with you just like her daddy. This little lady is mamas favorite. She never bred and will remain here at dk forever!

Kiwi is another dk bred beautiful baby out of Dolce and Brees. She is so sweet, and is just adorable. Kiwi is one of the most laid back Schnauzers I have ever known and loves pack life. She shows excitement with time to eat or go out, but other than that, she is relaxing diva style. She is the perfect mix of Dolce and Brees with their quirky, cute, chill demeanor. She is very agile, and sings like her daddy. Kiwi never bred so when the perfect family looking for an emotional support animal for their daughter, Kiwi fit the bill perfectly. She is always in someone's lap being spoiled every day- as she should!

Echo of Journey's Muse  

Echo was bred here at dk Schnauzers out of Journey and Dutch. She is a Black and Silver Parti with heavy ticking (freckles) and one blue eye. I was smitten the moment she was born. Echo gives kisses freely and loves to curl up on your chest with her head tucked under your neck~ a perfect lap dog. She is playful with her pack and swimming in the pool. There is no stopping this little dare devil when it comes to diving in and hanging with Daddy.

Briar 050222-7.jpg

Briar was an outside addition to the dk pack. Briar is an adorable Liver Parti small miniature little lady with a ton of hair and even bigger, bouncy personality. The moment I picked her up, it was as if she had lived with us since birth. Briar is as happy- go-lucky as they come and wants to be held and snuggled as much as possible. She has never met a stranger, has zero fear, and gives thousands of kisses to everyone. Briar was never bred. She retired to an amazing family that adopted Pugsley (now Bowden). She will be spoiled forever!

 Briar Rose

Miss Queen Bee ~ Honey

Honey (5).JPG

Honey only lived with the dk pack a short time, but she was a welcome addition. The sweetest baby ever! It is almost like she manifested her name. Unfortunately, Honey had a difficult delivery of her last litter so it was decided she should be retired early and be given the opportunity to find an amazing family of her own. AND, she did! Honey now resides in Gainesville, FL and is officially a Florida Gator!

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